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   global knowledge, local consequences
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   field studies
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field studies

Hent fil

23-25 November 2006, The Sandbjerg Estate

The workshop brings together the network for the history and sociology of fieldwork and scientific expeditions in order to explore fields of common interest and topics for further exploration. With presentations of current research activities, both nationally and internationally, and by opening up for broad discussions, the workshop will provide an opportunity to present and consolidate existing initiatives, while also opening up new avenues of common inquiry.


List of participants

Science for the people

Developing a drill for the Greenland Ice Sheet Project

Field life

Lost in the desert

Galathea 3

Amateurs and ”Linnaean” traditions

The committed collector

The secret life of ’the four-legged fish’

Imaginary field objects

Fields of history

Bahraini Myths of Origin

Sound representation in Danish expedition material

The journey of Thomas Bugge to Germany, the Netherlands, and Great Britain in 1777