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BOREAS - Histories from the North: Environments, Movements, Narratives

Network of Global Cultural History

Conferences, Seminars Etc.

Ways of Knowing the Field, International Conference on the History of Field Work, Cartography, and Scientific Exploration, Carlsberg Academy, Copenhagen, 13-15 August 2008 (Call for papers)

Imagining Outer Space 1900-2000, 6-9 February 2008, Zentrum für interdisziplinäre Forschung (ZiF), Universität Bielefeld, Germany

Cultural Encounters and Historical Practice, 7-9 November 2007, Carlsberg Academy, Copenhagen

Nature Matters: Materiality and the More-than-Human in Cultural Studies of the Environment, 25-28 October 2007, Toronto, Canada

Organized Session on the History and Sociology of Field Work, Session #2.10, Annual Meeting of 4S, Montreal, Canada, 11-13 October 2007

Social Production of Space: Field Experiences in the Russian European North, Field Training Course, 1-16 August 2007, St. Petersburg - Republic of Karelia - Murmansk Region - St. Petersburg

Ideologies and Controversies in 20th Century Scientific Exploration (Network Seminar), 21 May 2007, University of Aarhus, Denmark

Knowing Global Environments: New Historical Perspectives on the Field Sciences, 10-12 May 2007, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Field Studies Workshop #1, 23-25 November 2006, The Sandbjerg Estate, DK

Research Projects

The Tranquebar Initiative of the National Museum of Denmark

Tranquebarian Connections: Science, Medicine and Scientific Networks in the Danish East Indies, c. 1770-1845

Science, State and Media: The Galathea Deep Sea Expedition from 1950 to 1952


Julia Ahamer & Gerda Lechleitner (Hrsg.): Um-Feld-Forschung (2007)

cultural encounters and historical practice

field studies workshop #1

knowing global environments

nature matters

social production of space