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field studies

Network for the history and sociology of fieldwork and scientific expeditions


While expeditions and fieldwork has become a natural part of scientific practice within many intellectual and scientific disciplines, the systematic discussion of the methodology, theory and history of fieldwork has received little attention outside the field of anthropology. This network is devoted to the study of the forms, practices and applications of scientific fieldwork as it has been conducted within a range of humanistic, social and natural scientific disciplines.

The network runs from June 1st 2006 to May 31st 2008.


Publication (DK)


Danske videnskabelige ekspeditioner. Den jyske Historiker, nr. 119, juni 2008. På grund af fejltagelse i tidsskriftets centrale redaktion kom det planlagte forord desværre aldrig med i udgivelsen. Læs forordet her.


Network activities


Ways of Knowing the Field, International Conference on the History of Field Work, Cartography, and Scientific Exploration, Carlsberg Academy, Copenhagen, 13-15 August 2008


Session on the History and Sociology of Field Work, Session #2.10, Annual Meeting of 4S, Montreal, Canada, 11-13 October 2007


Global Knowledge, Local Consequences, The Barents Institute, 22-25 August 2007


Ideologies and Controversies in 20th Century Scientific Exploration, Network Research Seminar, University of Aarhus, 21 May 2007


Field Studies Workshop, Sandbjerg Estate, 23-25 November 2006